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EACOC Programs Provided



Training and Seminars


The Ethiopian-American Chamber of Commerce offers participants training and education advantages through monthly seminars. Participants meet every month to discuss and evaluate current business news as well as new progress. These meetings support our participants in addressing business and economy issues. 

The Ethiopian-American Chamber of Commerce will hold one trade show each year. This show is mainly arrange to give businesses, organizations, institutions and companies exposure, a chance to display their products to other businesses as well as individuals. This is a great opportunity to interact with other businesses and it will play a major role in promoting the success of the businesses that are participating. 



The strength of a community is measured by the concern and purposeful intent of each community member, who makes up that community as a whole and gathers the resources together and position the community in a better place in society. Within the last thirty, years, the Ethiopian community has grown exponentially. Community outreach organizations, business owners, religious organizations and other organizations have emerged. 


The Ethiopian-American Chamber of Commerce is attempting to put together the necessary ingredients and form a link between the Ethiopian business community and the various private and government agencies for the benefit of its members. 


Every Ethiopian-American business owner and organization leader should join the Ethiopian- American business owner and organization leader should join the Ethiopian-American Chamber of commerce so that our strength will benefit the Ethiopian-American community in North America.


- Provide a table for the transfer of information and discussion on existing business associated subjects.

- Help businesses advantageously blend in the comprehensive market place.

- Accommodate visitors with a fast resource site for all sorts of economic facts, guidelines and moderations.

- Aid any company or business advance and gain global competitiveness.

- Give the chance for businesses and companies to promote organization appearances and also expand views through a lasting display of merchandise and courtesy.

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